Stators for progressive cavity pumps

Stators for progressive cavity pumps

Progressive cavity pumps are used successfully for applications that exceed the technical capacities of conventional pumps, such as displacing highly viscous, abrasive, and/ or corrosive substances. Artemis supplies a broad standard selection of compounds that are able to handle a large number of materials. Artemis has its own, comprehensive compound development and production facilities. This enables us to respond in a superior and flexible manner to our customers' needs.

Using cutting-edge 3D systems, the engineers who create our application technology design stator and rotor geometries with flawless mutual adjustment, and also perform simulations of operational performance.

We place the highest priority on complying with the function-dependent, narrow dimensional tolerances for the stators we produce. This is guaranteed by our company's own laboratory, in which the compound and final products we make are subjected to precision testing. Monitoring of product dimensions during the production process itself ensures continuous quality assurance. Of course, Artemis is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and undergoes audits on a regular basis.

Thanks to its extensive array of different production machines, our company can produce small, medium, and large-scale series for nearly every stator size at the most favorable component prices.

SPIRA stators
SPIRA stators


Artemis also produces stators with uniform rubber wall thicknesses, including under the TWISTER® brand name for mortar pumps and the SPIRA® brand name for the petroleum sector.

All these stators ca be used for the same applications as conventional cylindrical stators, but with better results. Thanks to their properties, they also expand the range of applications for progressive cavity pumps.

Application advantages of SPIRA stators include the following:

  • Greater pump degree of efficiency
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Longer sevice life
  • No premature drop in volumetric displacement at higher feed pressures
  • Higher overall feed pressure (30-50% higher per stator stage as compared to conventional stators)
  • Or instead, shorter pumps

Artemis stators have been used successfully by leading pump manufacturers in a wide range of applications for many years:

  • Wood product processing / Cellulose production
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Construction industry