Silentium Drive for combine harvesters



The silent  innovation for combines increasing capacity and driver’s comfort


"Silentium Drive", the  innovative conveying system for combine harvesters with rubber-fabric traction belting with parabolic cams abolishes one of the major noises  in combine harvesters and reduces wear of the inflexible all steel chain  and its drive  components.



Thanks to the impressive novelty made by Jäger, the tremendous noise of cross bars hitting the box sheet metal construction, as usual in conventionally provided combine harvesters, can be diminished.

Concept of "Silentium Drive"
The "Silentium Drive" is based on a rubber-fabric traction belting with parabolic cams that replaces the steel roller chain. This cam-belting is manufactured in two variants: a truly endless wrapped loop or with overlapping ends with a special connection method. The mounting bolts for the cross bars are vulcanized into the cam-belting for an optimal connection between belt and cross bars. In the heart of "Silentium Drive" the Broekema N-type drive wheels intermeshes with the cams of the belting. The return end of the conveyor is realized by a continuous roller across the full width of the belt or single return wheels per belting. Combines of any major brand can be converted from steel roller chain to “Silentium Drive” with little effort paying for itself quickly. Only few components need to be either replaced or modified.

Characteristics of "Silentium Drive"
Its special characteristics "Silentium Drive" contributes to an increased driver’s comfort. Due to elimination of metal to metal contacts of moving parts, the noise level is low. The main noise source under the driver’s cabin is eliminated and the conveying action goes very smooth. Due to the parabolic cams "Silentium Drive" offers ultra-high dynamic strength as well as high elasticity when large foreign objects are sucked in.

Value added by "Silentium Drive"
Furthermore, "Silentium Drive" contributes to lower maintenance costs:

  • Multiple longevity in comparison with steel roller chain
  • Increased conveying speed and capacity
  • Minimal chain wear
  • Minimal wear on drive wheel and return rollers
  • Little maintenance required
  • Highest reliabiliy
  • Avoids field break-downs
  • Gentle on driver and environment due to low noise emissions
  • Unprecedented ease of use
  • Lowest cost per acre over chain life.

Over several years “Silentium Drive” was professionally developed and thoroughly tested by Broekema – the specialist rubber and crop conveyor company with decades of experience in agricultural machine industry.


Flyer "Silentium Drive" english

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