Rubber Connects

Jäger team at the IdeenExpo
Jäger team at the IdeenExpo

Jäger at the IdeenExpo

Anyone who is shrewd pursues the acquisition of young talent.  The Jäger Group is doing this at the IdeenExpo; this year it was taking part for the fifth time.

Now, how do you get schoolchildren and students interested in rubber and gum? Jäger has to this end developed a live experiment, which has already been put into practice twice in previous years, and which proved itself splendidly this year too at the IdeenExpo 2015 in July.  The motto runs ‘do it yourself’.  Following some simple instructions, and with the aid of a knuckle-joint press and a microwave, visitors could produce a rubber bracelet – in coloured material this year, for the first time.  The terms gum, rubber and vulcanisation were explained live at a twelve square metre stand, with the aid of wall charts. The result was plenty of cool bracelet slogans, and it was easy to get into conversation and, beyond that, to answer questions on the industry, its products and the training at Jäger.

According to the Deutsche Messe AG report, 351,000 visitors came to the site during the exhibition, and bracelets were made around the clock at the Jäger stand. By means of the ‘rubber connects’ initiative, interest in the rubber industry was creatively generated, with products which stay in the memory.