Characteristics of rubber material

For the technical designer we compiled the resistance of various rubber qualities. This list is to be consulted when selecting suitable rubber qualities for certain applications. It offers a rough overview of the chemical resistance for different basis elastomers. The table is composed according to documents and the experiences of the chemical and rubber-processing industry as well as publications of well-known raw material manufacturers. However it does not raise a claim on completeness.

The resistance of the respective rubber quality against a certain medium in many cases depends also on other factors such as temperature, pressure, duration of the contact, flow velocity and mechanical exposure. For this reason it is frequently necessary to examine the Vulkanisat under realistic or mock operating conditions. When deciding, which material to use, it is also important to consider the applied manufacturing method.

If you are unsure you should send us a chemical sample and indicate in addition the operating conditions, so that we can do appropriate tests. Only then we are able to decide on the suitability. Media that are not in the list should please be inquired individually. The given data is made according to our best knowledge. A commitment or certain characteristic warranty cannot be derived from this.

Symbol Explanation
RT ambient temperature
? not tested
x unsuitable
o not well suitable
oo suitable
ooo very well suitable